PHP/Javascript Final Project from December 2010

PHP Javascript Homepage Project

December 2010 — I had the same professor for both classes when I took Javascript and PHP at Hudson Valley Community College. The two classes were a set. One focused on server-side scripting (PHP) and the other on client-side scripting (Javascript). The professor believed in a holistic approach to programming, that if you could wing it, you should combine whatever web technologies you knew to make a better product. Since I was taking both of his classes at the same time, like a handful of other students, I could combine the two classes into one final project.

What I decided to do was a basic PHP login system based around the Robert Frost poem "The Road Not Taken." I added some Javascript elements for form validation and event changes. The PHP part of the projects included writing and retrieving information from a MySQL database. This allowed a user to create an account to have a personalized session to access restricted content. The Javascript part of the project included form validation with irregular expressions (for valid email, user name, and password), and event handling with onload and onclick to change styles.

If I could go back and change anything it would be the CSS. I spent so much time making sure that the login system and back end worked properly that I feel I slacked on the design. I was graded on functionality, so design came second. Also at the time, I did not know as much about CSS as I do now. It was taught in other classes, but lightly, with a heavier focus on HTML and XHTML.

NOTE: July 28, 2011 — This project came from my HVCC student directory, which is being deactivated since I am finished with class. I transferred all the files over, but I need to reset the MySQL tables and database using GoDaddy's system. The code is viewable, but functionality will be an issue until I resolve this problem.