About this Section

The mock ups section of this website includes my work on creating websites for fictional businesses. It is my way of sharpening my web skills and also illustrating the sliding scale that is web design. Web design is a pretty big umbrella that a lot of tools and techniques fall under.

Some ways to do a web site are less time consuming and easier to code, meaning more basic in look and price for a client. Other web sites take a lot more time and require a broader knowledge base, meaning more interactivity, a sharper look, and most important, a higher price tag and time schedule for the client.

Each mock up, or case study, represents a small business in a particular field: professional services (doctors, lawyers, engineers), hospitality (bed and breakfast, motels) , food services (restaurants, cafes, coffee shops), retail (shops, stores, boutiques), so on and so forth.

The rules are simple. First, I start with a basic website describing the business and what it does. This means limited media, limited copy, and limited everything – whatever I can accomplish in about a full days work. From there each website will be expanded upon to incorporate different web technologies, like mobile design, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, and Search Engine Optimization.

As of September 2011, my goal is to build a few basic websites using HTML and CSS2, design for older computers and browsers, with minimal media and low interactivity.