The Law Firm of Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson, LLP

Law Firm Mock Up 1 Homepage

September 8, 2011 – The Law Firm of Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson, LLP is based around most lawyer and law firm sites I have found on the web. Hypothetically, three well-trained legal minds are looking into using the internet to promote themselves and their firm. The firm's partners are older and do not fully understand technology. They are looking for a sampling to see if this internet thing is a viable option.

The goal of this site was to create a basic website with a call to action on every page. A call to action, in terms of web design, is that certain something on a page that calls on or tells the user what to do next. In this case, there is a contact sidebar on each page calling the user to get in touch with the law firm. One thing I found when searching for law sites was that this type of call to action was very common. I can only assume it is because a law firm does not sell an individual product but has to deal with clients on a literal case by case basis.

Mock 1 Design Specs – The design for this mock-up relied heavily on floating positioning and stacking. Once again, round one of this website was made using only HTML, XHTML, and CSS2. Copy was written by me based off of modern interpretations of historical events. The photos are public domain from Wikipedia, copied and cropped to align better. I focused on dark blue and gray as a light and dark contrast, separating gradually the name of the business, links and contact, and content. Overall, I prefer the difference between this mock-up opposed to the first Bear and Blanket.