The Bear and Blanket Bed and Breakfast – Mock 1

Bear and Blanket Mock Up 1 Homepage

September 1, 2011 – I decided to start things off simple. The Bear and Blanket Bed and Breakfast is a family owned and operated bed and breakfast at the foothills of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Hypothetically speaking, they have a small client base, but are located about twenty minutes from hiking trails and tourist destinations close to Old Forge, NY.

For Mock 1, They wanted a basic website that would be easy to use for their older clientele while creating a web prescience that younger couples and families would be attracted to.

Mock 1 Design Specs – The design for the first mock up was designed on an older 1024x768 (square) pixel monitor opposed to the more modern 1366x768 (rectangular) monitor that I use on my laptop. This is meant to be viewed well older browsers and older computers. This simple website was made using only HTML, XHTML, and CSS2. Copy was written by me, the bed and house pictures are public domain, and the Teddy Beat is a cropped photo that I took and cleaned up in Photoshop. This site includes basic information about the business and establishes a simple web presence. All and all, this site did not take me that long to make. The longest part was making the picture of the Teddy Bear and positioning the site using fixed and absolute positioning over the relative positioning that I usually use.