All of the text files for Luke Hoehn's final project as done by Luke Hoehn

This project is a user login system for writing comments about the Robert Frost poem "The Road Not Taken".
Below is a list of links in their text form with what they more or less do.

final.htm - includes JavaScript style for poem, tries to set cookie in Javascript the easy way, links to other sites, and a random loading banner

comments.php - PHP version of final.htm with ability to comment, auto loads fields from PHP cookies using javascript, and shows/hides comments

log_out.php - ends all sessions and cookies in PHP and redirects back to final.htm using JavaScript redirect

login.php - semi-validates email address and checks data against process_user.php

new_user.php - creates a new user for hoehnFinalLogin mySQL table, validates name for value and email and password for regular expression in JavaScript

passwords.php - send form of first/last name and email to get password, no validation

process_comments.php - tries to set cookie in Javascript the hard way, processes comments to a text file and then reads back all comments

process_login.php - checks against hoehnFinalLogin mySQL table for user and sets cookie/session if account exists as logged in

process_pass.php - pulls password from hoehnFinalLogin mySQL table, but only the scrambled password

process_user.php - checks hoehnFinalLogin mySQL table for data and sends it back

textfiles.htm - a quasi-index of all the files in text form

My final starts and redirects here mostly.